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Horse Racetrack bets on Flygt for pump station design


Xylem introduces an exclusive breakthrough in wastewater pumping!

100 Years of Delivering Groundbreaking Technology – In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, innovations that enhance productivity are increasingly in demand. Xylem wants you to be the first to know about a new wastewater pumping technology from Flygt. It combines everything we know about tough wastewater challenges with a fully integrated design. One system with unlimited possibilities. Xylem Flygt Concertor

Hoboken New Jersey – Fight Flooding with Flygt

Reporting for WMBC-TV, Channel 63 Verizon Fios - Channel 18 Comcast Cable - Channel 20

Quantum Disk Filter

The new Quantum Disk Filter from Nova Water Technologies, delivered to a New Jersey Water Company, eliminates rubber seals, roller chain and sprockets, internal bushings and bearings for less maintenance.

PSI Process and Equipment now exclusive representative for Glasco UV in NY & NJ

Glasco UV systems are designed for municipal water and wastewater disinfection, TOC reduction, Ozone destruction, liquid sugar, chlorine destruction, chloramine destruction and many applications serving residential, commercial, industrial markets.

Instrumentation Technology Systems Inc. (ITS) joins with Pumping Services, Inc.

Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS) founded in 1980, and based in Rahway, provides custom controls design, programmable logic controller programming, system integration, and has built a reputation in the industry as an established integrator for control systems and field service.  ITS will move to the Pumping Services facility later in 2015.
Pumping Services Inc. will position Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS) within Pumping Services Controls and Instrumentation Group, the business dedicated to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), pump station control, process equipment control, integrated control systems, field service, operator support and training

Retrofit Horizontal Clarifier with Polychem Chain and Flight

Pumping Services, Inc. installation and service group completed a retrofit of a Polychem chain and flight system at a Waste Water Treatment Facility

Why use an FM certified technician for my pump repair? 

In today’s lean times, municipal budgets are often stretched to their limit. Frequently, it is difficult to justify paying more for a pump repair, especially when many third party operations offer lower labor rates. However, there are benefits to using factory authorized repair centers that often go overlooked, particularly when the pump in question is FM approved.

Pumping Services, Inc. is an authorized repair center and have manufacturer trained FM certified technicians on staff, able to repair FM rated Flygt pumps, and ensure that they are returned to their original factory specifications.


Announcing Phoenix Process Equipment Company and United Blower Inc.

PSI is pleased to announce the signing of distribution agreements with:

  • Phoenix Process Equipment Company, a supplier of sludge dewatering equipment.
  • United Blower Inc. a supplier of quality positive displacement, Turbo, regenerative, and sliding vane blowers.
  • PSI and Nova Water Technologies proudly introduces an improved version of the Nova Disk Filter

Experts Agree that Headworks is the Right Choice!

Please click on this link to see video: Company Close-Up: Headworks International

Headworks International prides itself on quality construction, innovative design, and low lifecycle cost. In this panel discussion, learn more about the company’s MBBR/IFAS solutions and well known Bar Screens from people who use and specify them.

Hoboken Puts Flooding Problems to Rest

Because Hoboken, NJ, is among the most densely populated cities in the United States, space was limited for the new wetweather pumping station. The slim profiles of Flygt’s submersible pumps facilitated installation in extremely tight quarters.

FM approved technicians & Genuine FLYGT Parts

Why use an FM approved technician for my pump repair?

Genuine FLYGT Parts, FM Repair Checklist and Warranted for 12 Months.


Brentwood Industries & Denis Rehse

New distributor agreement with Brentwood Industries and Polychem brand

Denis Rehse joins PSI

Flygt Pressurized Sewerage Systems

Flygt Pressurized Sewerage Systems

What is a Pressurized Sewerage System?

ASA Analytics

ASA Analytics Nutrient Monitoring on Long Island NY

ASA Analytics Monitors 8 samples in one unit

Flygt N-Pump Case Study

Jefferson Parish, Louisiana extends along a 15-mile wide corridor west of and upriver from New Orleans. The Parish is vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes from June through November in a region already known for high rainfall events throughout the year. To make matters worse, the structural and operational integrity of the sanitary sewer lines and pump stations are compromised by age and very minimal budgets to maintain the equipment in place.


Environmental Dynamics International (EDI)

Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) has appointed PSI as its representative

EDI FlexAir® MiniPanel StreamLine™ Diffusers


IXOM Watercare (formerly Orica) & Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

IXOM Watercare (formerly Orica) recently appointed PSI as its representative

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Biological Wastewater Treatment


Storm Water Pumping & NYWEA

Case study on a Cost Effective Storm Water Pumping solution

PSI to Exhibit at the New York Water Environmental Association 85th Annual Convention


Flygt DBS – Dri-Prime® Backup System & WEFTEC

Flygt DBS – Dri-Prime® Backup System Pump station stand-by pumping and power in one package

WEFTEC 2012 New Orleans LA


What is Arc Flash? & MJK now a Xylem brand

What is Arc Flash? ARC ARMOR from CSI Controls Inc.

PSI is an MJK authorized service center with fully trained factory technicians



We Walk the Walk

Pumping Services is an environmental company in more ways than one. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business and promoting environmentally friendly technology which benefits our customers and our community.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that we are announcing the completion of a 195.795 kW photovoltaic solar installation on the roof of our facility. This installation will provide more than 70% of our electric needs and is a concrete symbol of our commitment to a better planet.

Pumping Services worked with Solar Energy is Power, Inc. from East Stroudsburg, PA to complete this project which utilized 687 285-Watt solar panels and 21 inverters. We anticipate that this project will continue to produce environmentally friendly power for more than 25 years.


Bethpage Water District & David J Silverman

Bethpage Water District selects Monroe Environmental

David J Silverman P.E. joins PSI